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Rhododendron to Timberline

Day 4 (Thursday, July 31) consisted of running 10 miles on Highway 26 from Rhododendron to W Leg Rd, the turnoff to Timberline Lodge. We climbed over 2,000 feet and felt good at the end of the run (albeit a bit tired). We had our first taste of navigating road construction: summertime is heavy road repair season on Mt. Hood, but we avoided being struck by cars and heavy machinery. I am convinced this was thanks to the absurd brightness of my neon yellow tank top and matching socks. 

Friday and Saturday were 'logistical' days--no running for the sake of the run, but jam packed with running errands, and importantly getting our RV ready to officially depart Portland. We are on track to drive back up to our stopping point this afternoon, recover our start/end marker (an American flag we found on the side of Highway 26 on Day 3), and continue our SE trek. Depending upon weather and timing, we hope to get in 15-20 miles today. We're behind our very aggressive running schedule, but we thought it was smart to focus on getting the RV in good shape before taking off. I am confident we can make up mileage soon, and Adam and I are both excited to finally move eastward for good!

A confession: I've never stayed at an RV campground before, so this evening will be my first experience. I hope that we are able to meet other campers to engage in conversation (and perhaps learn some tips and tricks about RVing). Between defending my dissertation and getting things ready to go for the run, I have done a lot of talking of late. I am ready to sit back and listen.