Connecting Communities One Step At A Time

Is There Even A Road There?....

Our first 'update'! Here's a little bit about what we've been up to the past few weeks.

  • We are getting into some detailed route planning. While we'd love to interact with every town we encounter along the run, we're aiming to meaningfully connect with communities by spending a little more time in fewer places. We're planning what we can, but acknowledge the need for flexibility. We'd love to hear where you live and how you can envision us connecting with your community!
  • We're looking at a variety of products we can use for the run. Do you have a cool product you'd like for us to try? Let us know!
  • We continue to seek out any and all bits of advice. Part of the fun in planning the run is learning about what neat things other people have done. We had a terrific conversation with Marshall Ulrich and his wife Heather last week. Very exciting! Read about Marshall and his many adventures here.
  • Perhaps needless to say, we're training. You can look at Ashley's training here. Adam is always on the move.